Benefits of Phsysiotherapy and Sports Massage Therapy Sessions

PhysiotherapistPhysiotherapy and sports massage aim to help rehabilitate, relax, support and maintain the development of soft tissue. Solihull Sports Massage Services in West Midlands is home to experts who understand the science of muscle and body circulation systems. It is here that you can get a remedial massage to treat tension, pain, headaches and other postural problems. Some benefits of physiotherapy and sports massage include:

Psychological benefits

Physiotherapy enhances your feelings and leads to an increased awareness of your mind-body connection. Massage therapists are skilled in the art of identifying key pressure points that cause tension and anxiety. Using the latest technology and scientific skills, they can counter your anxiety – and the corresponding psychological benefits are important for your athletic success.

Physiological benefits

The main physiological benefit of sports massage is relaxation and pain reduction. Sports related injuries can lead to muscle strain or even overuse of certain muscle groups. This, in turn, may lead to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) – a condition which is often leads to an increase in physical exertion. When done by a reputable professional, massage therapy is effective at alleviating DOMS by roughly about 30%. Note that, when muscles relax, they receive more blood and therefore more oxygen which in turn leads to optimal functioning.

In summary, benefits of going for a routine physiotherapy and sports massage session include:

* Improved mental preparedness for sporting events

* Improved flexibility and suppleness of muscles and joints

* Faster removal of toxins and waste products that may build up within muscle tissues

* Enhanced feelings of rejuvenation and invigoration

* A gradual reduction in anxiety and more confidence when participating in physical activities such as competitive sporting events

* Significant reduction of scar tissue

* Improved posture and better performance at office work

When planning to undergo physiotherapy or a regular sports massage session, it is imperative to book an appointment with a qualified doctor. Solihull Sports Massage Services has highly trained staff who can offer you the best advice available.